About Us

Based in Dubai, we are an agency focusing on helping brands run their business on autopilot with the right systems and custom-made automation solutions.

Our proven track record includes 1000+ automations saving $1M per annum and helping brands from 7+ countries reclaim back about 50,000+ hours (about 5 and a half years) per annum!

At the core, we believe in delivering excellence and guaranteeing unparalleled client satisfaction and triumph.

Our work is centred on revolutionizing the business landscape through automation, empowering businesses to save time & boost revenue by eliminating old, manual tasks and selecting the best systems uniquely tailored to their needs.

We are committed to delivering timely results and exceptional quality in every project that we undertake.

Know more about the Founder


Fahad Sheji, an Automation and Operations Expert is the founder of AutomateMyBiz. He has several years of experience under his belt and his passion for the field led him to establish our brand. His company stands as a testament to his passion revolving around helping brands supercharge their growth with implementing the right systems and automated solutions.
His unparalleled expertise and love for the field has earned him the top rank as the top automation expert in the city of Dubai and in the UAE.
In addition to his professional pursuits, he’s a guest lecturer at one of the top Digital Marketing Academies in Kerala, India, where he teaches Marketing Automation.

Our Mission

Our mission at Automate My Biz is to revolutionize business operations by providing unparalleled automation services, setting the global standard for efficiency, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Our Vision

The vision for our company is to be the world’s leading authority in business automation, transforming how businesses operate and sparking a global trend towards efficiency and streamlined processes.

Our Vision

We believe in the vision of a fully automated self-driving business on autopilot leveraging automation, AI and systems.

Our Values


With extensive experience and expertise in Marketing Automation and Operations, we only offer valuable insights and solutions to our clients.

Focus on Results

Dedicated to delivering measurable results that directly impact our client’s bottom line.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize our client’s needs and work closely with them to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Meet Our Team

Fahad Sheji

Fahad Sheji

Chief Operating Officer


  • Automation & Operation Expert
  • Ranked #1 Automation Engineer in UAE
  • Upwork Top Rated
  • Guest Lecturer & Marketing Automation Instructor


Senior Automation Specialist


  • Certified Make & Zapier Partner
  • Sr. Ops, System Engineer & No Code Automation
  • 5+ years of Experience
  • Top 1% on Upwork
Iryna Subotina

Iryna Subotina

Junior Automation Specialist


  • No Code Automation Tool Specialist
  • 10+ Certification in Automation & Operations
  • Specialise in Zapier, Make, Hubspot & Active Campaign
Blesson Roby

Blesson Roby

Marketing Strategist


  • Specialised in Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content an Email Marketing Copywriter