Award-winning HR Technology company specializing in gamified virtual hiring solutions with clientele including Nestle, CocaCola, Pfizer, and Shell

About TheTalentGames

The Talent Games is an award-winning HR Technology company specializing in gamified virtual hiring solutions.

Their innovative approach combines gamification and neuroscience to empower recruiting teams, attracting, assessing, and hiring top candidates remotely.

With a robust clientele including industry giants like Nestle, CocaCola, Pfizer, and Shell, they stand out as a pioneer in gamified recruitment processes. Headquartered in Canada, Singapore, and Pakistan, The Talent Games boasts a dedicated team of around 50 employees.


Initially, TheTalentGames faced significant challenges with their CRM system. Despite investing in HubSpot, they were only utilizing 20-30% of its capabilities and were seeking to migrate from an underutilized Zoho CRM.

Their system was laden with 5000+ contacts, 500+ deals across 3 pipelines, and extensive custom fields, all requiring meticulous handling. The absence of efficient deal automation, email automation, and onboarding processes led to a cumbersome manual workflow, affecting client satisfaction and potentially increasing churn rates.


AutomateMyBiz stepped in to provide an extensive “Automation Implementation Service,” meticulously planning and executing the migration from Zoho to HubSpot. The project involved:

  • Cleaning and formatting the extensive database to ensure seamless migration.
  • Importing contacts, deals, custom fields, and forms with zero data loss.
  • Setting up advanced deal automation to streamline the sales process.
  • Implementing robust email automation sequences for various customer actions.
  • Guiding the integration of their SaaS platform with HubSpot to ensure real-time data synchronization.
  • Providing comprehensive training and best practice strategies to TheTalentGames team.

The focus was on leveraging HubSpot’s full potential to automate crucial business processes and enhance overall operational efficiency.


The implementation of a sophisticated CRM and marketing automation system led to transformative changes for TheTalentGames:


  1. Streamlined Operations: The migration and automation significantly streamlined their sales and marketing processes, ensuring no deals were lost and every lead was accurately tracked and nurtured.
  2. Increased Efficiency: The new system allowed for more precise targeting and follow-up, reducing manual work and leading to better allocation of resources.
  3. Enhanced Customer Onboarding and Retention: With tailored email sequences and onboarding processes, TheTalentGames improved client engagement and satisfaction, potentially reducing churn and increasing product utilization.
  4. Client Testimonial: The client expressed high satisfaction with the project, commending the tenacity, patience, and expertise of AutomateMyBiz.
  5. Long-Term Impact: The full utilization of HubSpot’s capabilities has positioned TheTalentGames for sustained growth and efficiency, with a robust system that scales with their expanding needs.

Time Saved

Significant Time Saved for Sales Team

Error Free

0% Loss of Date or Errors in Migration


Sales Process’s is 50% more efficient with Deal Automations


Enhanced Customer Onboarding and Retention


20+ Automation Build


Don’t just put your blind faith in us.
See What Our Clients have to tell you,

“Fahad was tenacious, patient and know his things and executed the migration and automation very well.
Super happy with his work on our HubSpot account”

Shayan Hassan

Sales Lead, TheTalentGames

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