We Build Coaches is a renowned marketing agency in the UK with a client base that includes established coaches and companies such as Grant Cardone and Simplero.

About WeBuildCoaches

WeBuildCoaches is a high-profile agency based in the US, serving multiple 8-10 figure high-profile coaching businesses and
influencers, including Grant Cardone and many more.

AutomateMyBiz partnered as their sole automation partner to streamline their business through advanced automation.



1.Manual Order Processing and Fulfillment:

The manual processing of orders and course deliveries is causing extended delivery times, customer impatience, and an increased number of refund requests.

2.Manual Handling of Live Webinars and Program Reminders:

Manual or semi-manual handling of live webinars and program reminders by coaches, especially for evergreen webinars with dynamic links, wastes time, increases the likelihood of errors and impacts customer satisfaction.

3.Lead Management Challenges:

Manual order fulfillment and reminder processes have resulted in lost leads, dissatisfied customers, lost opportunities to competitors, increased refund requests, and potential damage to the coaching organization’s reputation.

4.Lack of Organization and Inefficiency:

Poor processes in coaching organizations lead to inefficiency, repetitive tasks, decreased productivity, and Multiple errors.

5.Absence of Marketing Automation:

The lack of proper marketing automation for lead nurturing and conversion tracking has resulted in missed opportunities for lead engagement, reduced conversions, and potential revenue losses due to inadequate marketing strategies.



1. Automated Order Processing & Fulfillment:

We Implemented an automation solution to process orders, ensuring immediate customer access: this improved satisfaction levels, smoother processes, and higher efficiency rates.

2. Automated Live Webinar and Program Communication:

We implemented a fully automated system to send welcome emails, reminders, and dynamic access links for our live webinars and programs. This has eliminated the need for a team of 30 people to handle these manual tasks. Consequently, we have noticed increased attendance rates and improved customer satisfaction due to timely and accurate communication.

3. Automated Lead Management:

Automated order fulfillment, webinar reminders, and welcome emails using Zapier and CRM workflows (ActiveCampaign & GoHighLevel), resulting in increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

4. Organized and Efficient Process Implementation:

Organized and automated coaching systems save over 300 hours per week across clients, optimizing team efforts and improving efficiency.

5. Implementation of Marketing Automations:

We made a marketing automation system that uses email and SMS campaigns to guide leads through the sales process, track conversions, and increase engagement. This helps create better marketing strategies.


Labor Saving

Automated tasks, reducing dependence on a large team.

Efficiency Boost

Saved 300+ hours weekly with automated processes.

Increased Conversions

Achieved a 2-5x increase in conversion rates.

Customer Satisfaction

Achieved a 10x increase in customer satisfaction.

Webinar Enhancement

Timely reminders lead to increased show-up rates.


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Fahad, is a ‘Automation guru,’ His commitment and attention to detail set him apart. From small to large projects, Fahad’s automation expertise shines.

He consistently goes the extra mile, thinking of solutions others overlook. Unlike other ‘automation gurus,’ Fahad successfully tackled a project with phenomenal attention to detail. He meticulously mapped out each step, explaining the process thoroughly.

Fahad not only improved our systems but also delivered smooth programs, courses, and live events, enhancing the overall customer experience. His commitment and integrity make him a top recommendation.

We couldn’t recommend Fahad enough and will continue to use his services for future projects. 

Gavin Thomas

Co Founder, WeBuildCoaches

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