Connecticut Garage Doors

CT Garage Service is a leading garage door service company based in Waterbury, Connecticut.

About Connecticut Garage Doors

CT Garage Service is a leading garage door service company based in Waterbury, Connecticut.

CGS, a well-known garage company in the US that provides services, including installing and repairing garage doors.


1. Inadequate Offline Conversions Tracking

CGS clients struggle to track phone leads, hindering marketing assessment and organic conversion rate understanding. Uncertainty about campaign success from phone calls persists.


2. Inefficient Sales Process

The exciting sales process heavily depends on manual steps, resulting in inefficiencies, delays, and a significant drain on labor and capital resources. This results in missed business opportunities and negatively impacts overall effectivenes.


3. Disconnected CRM Systems:

The client had trouble connecting HubSpot and ServiceFusion, causing a lack of synchronization between the two CRM systems. The team had to manually update and create records in both systems, leading to significant weekly time consumption on data management tasks, and call analytics were discounted with CRM, which led to a lack of analytics.


1. Conversion Tracking Enhancement

we Improved HubSpot setup to track conversion tags and lead data accurately. Implemented automation to transmit information to Google Ads, Bing, and Analytics platforms for precise conversion tracking.


2. Sales Process Optimization

Developed a comprehensive sales process funnel within the HubSpot CRM to streamline lead generation from the moment it’s generated until the final process. This approach simplified and automated the sales process, reducing delays and inefficiencies.


3. HubSpot CRM System Optimization

We identified an underutilization of HubSpot CRM and initiated an optimization effort. This process incorporates tailored automation to manage deals, set up follow-up tasks, and send emails to the team and leads. The outcome streamlined the CRM, improving the sales pipeline’s management and overall operational efficiency.


4. Integration and Synchronization

We used Zapier and custom API development to synchronize data across platforms. We created five sets of custom API automation for a two-way sync of contacts and purchased products, reducing the need for manual intervention and addressing backlogs resulting from a busy team schedule.


5. Automated Call Analytics

We integrated CallRail with their CRM to automatically create and update contacts when calls are received. This integration also enables them to track conversions to enhance their data management capabilities.


No Missed Leads

Reduced the loss of leads by 40%, ensuring that all leads are now captured and managed efficiently.

Increased Conversions

Established effective conversion tracking
mechanisms across various platforms.

Operational Efficiency:

Saved over 25,000 hours of
manual labor,significantly reducing overhead costs.


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