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“Fahad’s skill with Integromat is unmatched, in my experience. He is a wizard at taking complex processes and turning them into repeatable systems. Already, his processes save us dozens of hours each week – almost every part of our Law Firm relies in some way on his automation to speed things up. For example, our Welcome Team which greets new customers processes between 10 – 30 new leads every day, and calls 150+ people each shift. Just one of his many automation saves us around 10 minutes per new lead, saving between 100 – 300 minutes of work a day. This is just ONE automation. Overall, the monetary savings are truly worth his price, and works 100% of the time.”

Chris Sands

Chief Expansion Officer, Hannon De Palma

About HannonDePalma

Hannon De Palma is a boutique law firm specializing in matrimonial law.

They were drowning in leads – a whopping 10,000+ a month!But here’s the catch; they were manually entering all these leads into their system. Talk about a time-suck!


Hannon De Palma’s onboarding process was a real hassle to deal with. Their onboarding process begins with every new client printing out a contract, filling it in, scanning it and sending it back. The firm would then create additional legal documents one by one.

This whole ordeal took a total of three mind-numbing hours for each client. Moreover, it was easy to overlook details and make mistakes.


This is where we stepped in and made their work easier. We started off by ensuring that all the incoming leads from different sources get sorted and added to their system. No more laborious manual entry! Then we worked our automation magic for the onboarding process. We set up a system with the help of MAKE.com where clients could sign their contractS online. Once the clients are signed in, the system automatically generates the additional legal documents they need. It was a farewell to all the printing, scanning and fuss!



Time Saved

From 3 hours to minutes per client

Error Free

Reduced manual mistakes


Auto-generated local docs


Staffs can focus on high-value tasks

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